How To Go To Paradise

“How To Go To Paradise (and fail trying)”
The right to choose, is ain’t in your hands.

Abortion, is always a subject for debate, no matter what country are we from, pull that subject out and people will divide in two.


When you die, before you meet the Lord and be judged whether you deserve heaven or hell, God needs to watch the film of your death.
So follow young Cristina as she digitally recreates her controversial death with the help of a cynical angel filmmaker Ramón.


Written, Directed & Produced by Sol Angelucci.Starring: Hannah Clifford, Sofia Martinez Penna, Harriet Catchpole, Max Packman-Walder, David Claudio, Emma O’Hara, Valentine Hripko and Sol Angelucci.

Director of Photography: Nùria Perez.
Editor: Sol Angelucci.
VFX: Vakaris Vladmirovas.
Camera Operators: Nùria Perez, Mary Kalecisnka and Vakaris Vladmirovas.
Sound operators: Camilla Ammaturo and Kamryn McIntosh.
Make Up: Mary Kalecisnka.


Film currently in competitions.

Writer/Director Statement

As a male supporter of freedom for a woman to decide whether or not she wants to carry a baby for 9 months, it was extremely tricky to work on this script as objective as possible. I am of course expressing negative views towards the thousands of illegal abortions that happen around the world, especially coming from Uruguay (where abortion is legal), the ones that occur in our brother country, Argentina. It shocks me to know that many deaths of young pregnant Argentinian women occur due to illegal abortions not executed with the proper resources. Abortion, is always a subject for debate, no matter what country are we from, pull that subject out anywhere and people will divide in two.
I’ve always been fascinated by controversial subjects, taboos that make people feel uncomfortable, and abortion has been on my mind for a long time.

I belong to the team that believes that men should not be able to decide upon this law, since no matter the case, it’s women the one’s who go through it, no matter how much support a man can offer.

Through this short film I am not looking to preach how bad illegal abortion is, or to educate by showing the procedure a woman goes through when deciding to have an illegal abortion. My objective is to tell a crazy story of my idea of a fun filmmaking paradise, where people get to see their own biopic after dying. As well as the mundane, raw, violent, funny and unfair story of a young smart Argentinian catholic woman that ends up being a victim of this social phenomenon. Should abortion be legal or not? What is paradise really? That’s up to the viewer. I just want to entertain, I want you to feel something.