How To Create A Story release on 30th of October and a glance at Pre-Production’s film: How To Go To Paradise (and fail trying)

Almost a year has passed since How To Create A Story entered the festival phase in October 2018. After managing to submit it to about 7 London Short Film festivals, I find myself with the obvious: the film is weird and isn’t PC enough to compete against other short professional short films. I’m still awaiting response from other two festivals, one on the 30th of September and another on the 24th of October. After that, the film will go public, and I’ll be ready to answer some comments.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of this European 2019 summer, I’ve been working on a new “How To bla bla bla and fail” project (currently in pre-production), this time, religion, feminism, abortion and Argentina come into the mix, in this crazy 30 pages script titled: “How To Go To Paradise (and fail trying)”.

As a male supporter of freedom for a woman to decide whether or not she wants to carry a baby for 9 months, it was extremely tricky to work on this script as objective as possible. I am of course expressing negative views towards the thousands of ilegal abortions that happen around the world, especially coming from Uruguay (where abortion is legal) in our brother country Argentina. However, the film does not promote a single point of view, neither takes ilegal abortion as the main theme. It’s a story about friendship and becoming independent, abortion just gets in the middle.

Nevertheless, it shocks me to know that many deaths of young pregnant Argentinian women occur due to ilegal abortions not done with the proper resources. Abortion, is always a subject for debate, no matter what country are we from, pull that subject out anywhere and people will divide in two. I’ve always been fascinated by controversial subjects, taboos that make people feel uncomfortable, and abortion has been on my mind for a long time.

I belong to the team that believes that men should not be able to decide upon this law, since no matter the case, in the end, it’s women who have to go through it, no matter how much support a man can offer.

Through this short film I am not looking to preach how bad ilegal abortion is, or to educate by showing the procedure a woman goes through when deciding to have an ilegal abortion. My objective is to tell a crazy story of my idea of a fun filmmaking paradise, where people get to see their own biopic after dying. As well as the mundane, raw, violent, funny and unfair story of a young smart Argentinian catholic woman that ends up being a victim of this social phenomenon. Should abortion be legal or not? What is paradise really? That’s up to the viewer. I just want you to have questions, I want you to feel something.

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