Pressing play, back again.

After a long 3 months pause I am finally ready to continue developing new film projects.

Being a student filmmaker in a city far away from home can be as amazing as stressful. During these two months, I’ve been torturing myself with arguments like: “you shouldn’t be stopping not even a second from making films, someone else is probably doing more than you right now”, or “Hey, do you think this is the way to be successful? Taking long breaks without even having had a proper job?”. Honestly, I’m amazed of how the biggest obstacle for happiness is my own self. So after many mind concerns about how am I not being productive enough, I’ve learned to take it easier, and that some periods of life are made to learn other things and being successful isn’t just about having a good job career.
However, is important for me, to remember who am I, all the stuff I have already done, and how happy does it make me to complete an artistic project.
There are SO many distractions that can just switch you off from your creativity, that is hard to keep yourself productive on a regular basis, when art isn’t what’s bringing money into the bank, YET. For all the student dreamers out there, let’s light it up!

Excited to announce a short film in pre-production, that should be out in competitions during October. Also joining external projects from close colleagues, with amazing ideas and the most important ingredient, the execution of them.

Angelucci Films is back, with music, Instagram short videos and most importantly FILMS.


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